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This Place Cooks!

Melville, Montana


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About Us

A Lifetime of Experience

Bill's Catering and Food Wagon is a joint effort between Bill and Sandy Witwer.  Cooking has been Bill's lifetime passion.  Bill worked in a relative's clam business in his younger days.  This may be where he picked up his expertise with seafood.  His crab cakes are killer and his seafood bisque is often requested.

Bill was a baker and cook in the Navy from 1977 to 1981.  This gave Bill an education in how to feed a lot of people with plenty of good hot food.  There is no where to hide on a ship if the crew isn't happy!

After Bill and Sandy joined hands in marriage, they also joined hands in business.  Their first restaurant, Bill's Place Diner, was in upstate Pennsylvania.  Bill was a master in the kitchen and Sandy ensured the business ran smoothly.  Bill's Place Diner quickly became known for their large portion and down home cooking.  Their prime rib, barbecue and seafood specials became their biggest sellers.

Bill and Sandy are avid hunters.  They fell in love with Montana during various hunting trips.  It was a hard decision for them to sell their successful restaurant in Pennsylvania and start fresh in Montana.  The call of the West was too strong and they decided to go for it.

For 6 years, Bill and Sandy operated Bill's Place Diner in Melville, MT.  Since Melville has a population of roughly 115 people, they knew they were going to have to supplement the restaurant's income.  Hence, Bill's Place Catering and Cook Wagon came into being.  They already had the cook wagon in Pennsylvania, but now it would be put to more use.

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Bill and Sandy didn't know if the catering business would work out for them.  They started picking up jobs through customers of the restaurant.  Then people that attended their catered events hired them for their own events.  The catering business exploded.  

Bill and Sandy are now entering a new phase in their cooking careers.  They have since given up their restaurant so they can focus solely on catering and special events.  The one event they look forward to every year is the Red Ants Pants music festival in White Sulphur Springs.  The vendors are there by invitation only and the Witwers are there every year!

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